Kitchi Gammi Club - Kitchi Gammi Club
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Kitchi Gammi Club

The Kitchi Gammi Club is the oldest incorporated Club in Minnesota and has been serving Duluth and the surrounding area since its formation on October 1, 1883. Throughout the years the Club has grown in both membership and vitality as a force in the community. Many prominent Americans and distinguished foreign visitors have been guests at the Club.


The Kitchi Gammi Club is a place to develop lifelong friendships, host family celebrations, pursue new endeavors, and enrich business relationships within a magnificent Club. A historic landmark of prominence that inspires our traditions today, the Kitchi Gammi Club is a superb venue, where family and quality of life are valued, and also a second home, a place of comfort nurtured by generations.
Offering superior service is a hallmark of the Club from its inception continuing to this day in a glorious tribute to excellence and tradition. The Club looks forward to serving every member and guest to ensure a most memorable experience.
Membership in the Kitchi Gammi Club is by invitation only. The club seeks a diverse membership and will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, disability, age, marital status or national origin.