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Wedding ceremony in the Grand room at the Kitchi Gammi Club



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Gatherings & Parties

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Family dining with candlelight

“You knocked it out of the park on Friday night. I want to thank you for your service, your attention to details, talking with our members and guests, and just for the whole experience of the night. You were amazing. I was very proud to show off our club to my friends and they mentioned how lucky we are to have something as wonderful as the Kitchi Gammi Club for our own. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Curtis Teberg

“It was 66 years ago on a magical snowy night that Elva and I got married and had our reception at the Kitchi. The food was outstanding along with lively dancing afterwards. Twenty some years later four of our children did the same thing and we all remember what a wonderful ambiance the Kitchi provided in making them all so memorable. Beyond those family events I think of the organizations and business meetings I hosted and attended there and the planning and reporting that took place to make them better in serving the community. Every time I went to the Kitchi I was proud to be a member and how welcoming it always has been along with the good times we have had there with family and friends. We are lucky to have this wonderful facility here in Duluth”

Mitchell J. Sill

“Every year my date for the Lobster Boil is my son Dave. It has become a tradition and is the highlight of our summer.”

“The Club is the perfect place for family gatherings. Barbara and I celebrated our 50th-anniversary last summer with the entire family.”

~ Steve Reyelts, member since 1993